WeCare247 currently offers Caregiving 247 service by Caregivers in HCMC. Please contact via 0938 999 247 for guidance if you want to book our services in other areas.
WeCare 247 hoạt động xuyên suốt lễ Tết, đảm bảo người thân của bạn được chăm sóc kịp thời, tận tâm nhất. Chúng tôi khuyến khích bạn nên đặt lịch sớm trước 1-2 ngày vào các ngày lễ và 5-7 ngày vào dịp Tết nguyên đán để đảm bảo sắp xếp chăm sóc viên sẵn sàng làm việc.
Wecare247 offer professional personal healthcare, including: - Caregiving 247 service provided at hospital or home. - Family doctor. - On-demand caregiving service.
Well-trained caregivers: our Caregivers are trained and equipped with specialized knowledge and skills to give care and aid patients in personal hygiene, nutrition, respiratory care, medication administration, patient mobility, walking assistance, and mental care. – Medical staff: in cases requiring specialized medical care, patients will need treatment provided by Medical Professionals. Our Medical Professionals will provide constant monitoring, carry out doctor's orders, conduct regular vital sign checks, perform wound care, administer tube feeding, oversee medication intake, and conduct palliative care.
- Experience with specialized. knowledge and well-trained skills - Care plans tailor-made for each patient. - Ongoing support from the WeCare 247 system, including professional customer service, nursing visits, and health consultations. - Assurance and reliability of qualified Caregivers with transparent backgrounds. - Flexibility and 24/7 support. - Transparent pricing schemes with no hidden costs.
- Caregiving service is quoted from 300.000VND. WeCare 247 does provide care plans tailor-made for each patient, contact via 0938 999 247 or leave your details for further information.
WeCare 247 provides services throughout holidays and Tet to ensure timely and dedicated care for your beloved ones. We recommend customers book services in advance, at least 1-2 days before regular holidays and 5-7 days before Tet (Lunar New Year), to ensure our Caregivers are prepared to deliver their services.