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With years of experience in the healthcare industry, WeCare247 has observed, understood, and truly empathized with the struggles of our friends and colleagues who have dedicated their lives to Caregiving.

With the aspiration to standardize and redefine the personal healthcare industry, WeCare247 believes that we have been, are, and will be making meaningful social impact via our business.

  Từ các tháng đầu năm 2024, thực trạng thiếu nước ngọt ở nhiều tỉnh miền Tây diễn tiến ngày càng xấu do tình trạng hạn hán và ngập mặn kéo dài – làm ảnh hưởng nặng nề đến đời sống của bà con tại các vùng bị ảnh hưởng.
  Trên tinh thần tương trợ, san sẻ khó khăn cùng đồng bào miền Tây, WeCare 247 tổ chức Chiến dịch “Đồng hành cùng Wecare 247 mang nước sạch về các tỉnh Miền Tây” – mục tiêu mang đến 5000 thùng nước sạch hỗ trợ sinh hoạt cho đồng bào các khu vực chịu ảnh hưởng. Hình thức: quyên góp trong nội bộ nhân viên & chăm sóc viên từ ngày 25.04 đến 03.05/2024, sau đó đoàn công ty sẽ xuống địa phương trực tiếp trao phần chi phí hỗ trợ cho cấp chính quyền các khu vực Bến Tre, Long An, Tiền Giang, Kiên Giang.
  Ngoài ra, các mạnh thường quân có lòng hảo tâm cũng có thể tham gia chiến dịch bằng cách quyên góp với mệnh giá 40.000đ/1 thùng nước, về tài khoản Vietcombank 1035539838 (chủ tài khoản NGUYỄN LÊ QUỲNH ANH – nhân viên WeCare 247). (số tiền hảo tâm quyên góp sẽ được thống kê và cập nhật giải chi ngay khi kết thúc chương trình)
  WeCare 247 rất mong chút tấm lòng hảo tâm của đội ngũ nhân viên chúng tôi sẽ giúp ích, chia sẻ phần nào khó khăn trong đời sống, sinh hoạt mà bà con tại các khu vực chịu ảnh hưởng đang gặp phải.
(Nguồn ảnh: CLB Hương Từ Bi)
Đồng hành cũng WECARE247 mang nước sạch về các tỉnh miền Tây
            Đồng hành cũng WECARE247 mang nước sạch về các tỉnh miền Tây 
Chiến dịch "Đồng hành cùng WECARE247 mang nước sạch về các tỉnh miền Tây"
        Chiến dịch “Đồng hành cùng WECARE247 mang nước sạch về các tỉnh miền Tây”

On the 6-year journey of improving the quality of healthcare for Vietnamese people, the biggest "asset" we have is the trust and credibility from 25,000 customers, thousands of medical staff, and many partners. business.

Not only does it help the company develop its business activities, the "asset" of trust helps WeCare247 be trusted by benefactors to carry out charitable activities that are genuine, transparent, "right time - right place" and "right place". "go deep - go close" - which is a result of extensive experience in the medical field as well as a network of partners from leading hospitals in the industry.

This October, WeCare247 is extremely proud to be trusted by benefactors to be a bridge to Can Tho Children's Hospital to provide 10 children with congenital heart disease with support for the cost of cardiac catheterization intervention. Price: 20,000,000 VND per child - through the "Heart for Children" program.

Ms. Do Thi Huy Minh - Deputy Head of Social Work Department, Can Tho Children's Hospital shared: "Most of these children with congenital heart disease come from poor families, many have no father or mother, and live on their own. grandparents. Without society's care and support, children have almost no possibility of receiving treatment." 

Thanks to the surgery, the children were cured of defects in the heart/vascular system that formed during the fetal stage. Thanks to that, children have a healthy heart to live normally like their peers. 

The benefactor's philanthropic treatment includes strong encouragement and encouragement to the children that society will not leave the weak behind.

To date, WeCare247 has been trusted and connected by more than 30 philanthropists to sponsor volunteer activities. We believe that the trust that has been built in the past and in the near future will be noticed by domestic and foreign benefactors who will choose WeCare247 to collaborate, support and help needy and difficult patients. .

* Refer to the official dispatch "Heart for You" recognizing the volunteer efforts by WeCare247 connecting the Philanthropist with Can Tho Children's Hospital: 

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WeCare 247 actively contributes to the community through meaningful volunteering activities at various major hospitals such as Cho Ray Hospital, Gia Dinh Hospital, District 8 Functional Rehabilitation Hospital, Nguyen Trai Hospital, Nguyen Tri Phuong Hospital... We dedicate over 600 hours of volunteer work each month to provide caring, improve spirits of patients, especially the elderly who face special hardships and those lacking nearby family support. We also give essential healthcare products such as adult diapers and pain relief gel, along with heartfelt wishes for their well-being, to inpatients.

With the goal of contributing to community health in general, WeCare 247 has been and will continue to expand these volunteer activities now and in the future.

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Well-trained caregivers not only contribute to improving and standardizing healthcare quality but also help hospitals reduce many issues, such as patient overload, security, and the well-being of medical staffs.

WeCare247 firmly believes that when both caregivers and patients truly appreciate the importance and value of caregivers, the attitudes and responsibilities of both parties will reach new levels.

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In today's modern society, regardless of how rapidly things change, Every human being goes through the same stages of life in the same order: birth, aging, sickness, death. Witnessing our beloved ones endure illness or face difficulties in their personal lives is shared concern within families. Especially when patients require require long-term treatment and care, and not every family has the necessary resources, time, and caregiving skills to fulfill these needs.

Empathyzing with these challenges, WeCare247 was founded with the mission to increase the life quality for millions of Vietnamese families through caregiving service, provided by caregivers with dedication, integrity, and professional skills.

For WeCare 247, the physical and mental well-being of patients serves as lodestars as we continue on our caring journey

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Caring for the sick has coexisted within medical healthcare facilities for a long time. Caregiving is meaningful job. It requires both a compassion and professionally trained skills to carry out effectively.

However, the majority of self-employed caregivers currently rely on personal experience, lacking training and knowledge, which can make patients' recovery process ineffectivly. Additionally, this meaningful occupation is occasionally misunderstood as "Housekeeping".

Recognizing the importance of caregiving and the challenges mentioned above, WeCare247 has developed and continuously improve training program to make sure caregivers have the essential knowledge and skills. We try to provide them with a strong foundation to ensure the highest quality care for patients while also supporting medical staffs and patients' families. We endeavour to spread the message of a newly recognized occupation - Professional Caregivers.